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Man Convicted of Federal Child Pornography, Attempted Online Enticement and Online Solicitation of a Minor Charges

Florida Jury Finds 30 Year Old Man Guilty Of Federal Child Pornography And Online Solicitation Of A Minor Offenses

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Drug Pentosan (Elmiron) Linked To Pigmentary Maculopathy – Settlement & Recall

Have you taken Elmiron and suffered loss of your vision or diagnosed with retinal Maculopathy? Schiffer Law Firm is assisting individuals with this investigative stage of possible litigation against the manufacturers | Pentosan (Elmiron) Linked To The Possible Eye-Disease Retinal Maculopathy - Settlement & Recalls

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New FDA Alert Warns Popular Gabapentinoids May Cause Severe Respiratory Harms

FDA warns of serious breathing difficulties caused by popular seizure and nerve-pain medicines: Neurontin, Gralise, Horizant, Lyrica, or Lyrica CR. Call today for free claim evaluation for respiratory injury or death lawsuit.

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New Recall of Pediatric Anesthesia Breathing Device

The FDA reported the recall of a certain pediatric anesthesia breathing device. No reports of injury or death, however, if you believe your child was injured or killed due to such a device malfunction after being given anesthesia, contact Schiffer Law Firm today. You may have standing to file a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.

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Texas’ New Title IX Law Requires University Staff To Report Possible Sex Crimes or Face Criminal Charges Themselves

Texas’ new law, Senate Bill 212 (S.B. 212), requires university employees to report sexual misconduct to the university’s Title IX coordinator or possibly face criminal charges for their failure to report.

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