Arrested For A Third DWI in Texas?

If you have been arrested multiple times before for DWI, you should know that starting to lay the foundation for a successful defense begins immediately. With over 40 years experience prosecuting, defending, and lecturing on DWI in Texas I know that decisions that we make in the first 24 hours greatly impact the final outcome of your case.

Penalties For Third Time DWI Offenders in Texas

Third time DWI offenders in Texas is a felony offense and the maximum exposure is 10 years in prison, $10,000 fine, and your license could be suspended for years.

Your Best Defense

Decades of experience in thousands of cases allow me to probe for weaknesses in the prosecutions case. Examples include:

  • Was there reasonable suspicion or probable cause to pull you over?
  • Were the roadside sobriety tests conducted properly?
  • Is there a medical history that could explain less than perfect performance on your roadside test?
  • Are there problems with the breath testing equipment?
  • Are there problems with the blood draw, the preservation of the sample, or analysis of the sample?
  • Critical review of the prior convictions. Looking for defects that would prevent their use.

It is vital that your lawyer has experience trying these cases, understanding the science, and having the track record of persuading the juries to return verdicts of Not-Guilty. With over 40 years experience both prosecuting, defending, and lecturing on Texas DWI law has allowed me to save countless lives from being ruined.

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Instead of wondering whether your world has ended, come in and meet me today and get the same honest answers and practical experience that has saved hundreds and hundreds of individuals like you. My goal is attaining the best possible resolution in your case using every tool in my extensive 40-year tool box to get there.

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