If you are found guilty of Medicaid or Medicare fraud, you could be facing criminal charges as well as civil penalties. Being investigated for either of these allegations is serious and warrants the insights of a Houston Medicare or Medicaid fraud defense attorney. You might not even realize that the FBI or other government offices are investigating you for Medicaid fraud. If you suspect that someone’s looking into your office practices, however, protect yourself by hiring a Houston criminal defense attorney for Medicare fraud immediately.

What Is Medicaid/Medicare Fraud?

Medicare and Medicaid fraud is defined as making forbidden referrals or designated health services paid by a federal healthcare program. This includes situations in which you have knowingly billed for services at a higher rate or falsified records to receive federal healthcare program reimbursement.

Being accused of Medicare or Medicaid fraud is a serious issue. There are several signs that a government agency including the FBI may be investigating you for healthcare fraud. This includes:

  • Having a search warrant executed in order to look at your medical records.
  • Getting notice from a former employee or a current employee that he or she was contacted by a government investigator.
  • Your bank accounts have suddenly been seized by any government agency.
  • Receiving a demand letter associated with the Medicare False Claims Act.
  • Receiving notification from a patient that he or she was contacted by an investigator.
  • Getting a subpoena for your medical records from the Texas Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney or the Office of the Inspector General.
  • Being questioned by a government agent.
  • Noticing that other individuals with whom you do your business are being arrested.
  • Receiving any telephone calls at your office from a local law enforcement officer or a government agent.

What Happens If I’m Investigated? Are There Penalties for Being Found Guilty?

When an investigation is triggered in to Medicare or Medicaid fraud, it could lead to criminal and civil penalties. For situations involving Medicare fraud, you may interact with special agents from the FBI, the U.S. Postal Service or the Office of the Inspector General in addition to the Drug Enforcement Administration or even Food and Drug Administration.

Since every state manages its own Medicaid program, you might be under the impression that these investigations happened at a state level, but as this involves federal funds, a federal investigation could be initiated against you involving Medicaid fraud.

If you believe that an agency has opened an investigation against you or intends to do so, you need to communicate with a Houston criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. If you have been, believe you are being investigated or have already been arrested for Medicare or Medicaid fraud, it is essential to get criminal defense assistance as soon as possible. Doing so is the best way to protect your rights and to minimize the potential impacts or penalties for your life.  Reach out to us immediately to have your rights protected when the FBI is investigating you for Medicare or Medicaid fraud.