If you or a loved one had been prescribed Pentosan, known commonly as, ELMIRON, you could possibly be at risk of eye disease.

At Schiffer Law Firm, we are now taking cases of individuals who were prescribed ELMIRON and have subsequently suffered eye disease, issues with site, or even complete blindness. We are experienced at representing individuals who are suing large pharmaceutical companies for defective products.

What is Pentosan (ELMIRON)?

What is Pentosan (Elmiron)?

Pentosan is a compound of sodium pentosan polysulfate (PPS) and is sold under the brand-name Elmiron. This drug has been commonly prescribed to treat pain that is caused by intersitial cystitis, A well-known bladder syndrome.

The pharmaceutical company got approval to sell Almiron as early as 1996. It’s average revenue is over $150 million a year.

How Can Pentosan (ELMIRON) Cause Eye Disease?

As recent as 2018, an independent researcher at the Emory Eye Center in Atlanta Georgia alerted the public that Almiron is linked to maculopathy (retinal injury). 

The report stated that all of the patients in the eye study showed signs of retinal disease. The youngest patient in the study who developed the disease and was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis was 23 years old. That patient began taking Elmiron daily and within a decade began having severe difficulty with his vision.

Why Does Elmiron Possibly Cause Eye Disease?

The FDA has only approved one drug for intersistial cystitis – Elmiron. Researchers feel that the retinal cells may grow pinto sand or a toxic metabolite after a patient has been using the drugs over a period of time. Studies of 2499 patients taking Elmiron have shown symptoms of: 

• Optic neuritis

• Amblyopia

• Retinal hemorrhage

What Harmful Symptoms Should I Look Out For After Taking Elmiron? 

The researchers from Emory submitted a study to the American urology Association in May 2019 and stated the most common symptoms of patients taking pentosan (Elmiron) include:

• Difficulty reading

• Difficulty adapting to dim lighting

When Should I Contact A Lawyer?

Even though the studies are very new, anybody taking Pentosan (Elmiron) should be conscience of the potential harms and side effects. If you have been prescribed Elmiron and have experienced loss of your vision, blindness, or any other type of eye disease, you should contact our law office immediately.

The long-term effects of taking Elmiron are still under investigation, and we at the Schiffer Law Firm are helping individuals who have been harmed during this investigations stage of the possible lawsuits. Compensation may possibly be available if a lawsuit is ultimately filed. Compensation can help pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other types of harms suffered as a result of long-term use of Elmiron.

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