Have You Been Arrested For Medicare Fraud?

Medicare Fraud is epidemic in the state of Texas. In its effort to combat this ever increasing problem, the Texas, and US government has continued to create more, and more, laws, increased punishments, and all-in-all created a maze that even experienced attorneys find challenging. The US sentencing guidelines have steadily increased punishment in an effort to stem this tide.

What Is Medicare Fraud?

Medicare Fraud, is the submission, and request for healthcare reimbursement under false pretenses. There are various ways that medicare fraud can be committed, but the common goal is to collect money illegitimately and is a preferred target because it relies on the “honor system” of billing.

Constantly keeping up to date with recent case law, trends, and regulations, the Law Office of Paul Schiffer has represented a wide variety of Texas professionals from cities including Houston, Sugarland, The Woodlands, and Katy, who have been caught up in the wide net thrown by, an oftentimes overeager, task force comprised of Texas, and Federal agencies. With more than 40 years of experience in dealing with white collar crimes, I know best how to prepare successful defenses against medicare fraud charges. My clients include well-established doctors, dentists, therapists, managers, ambulance companies, and home health care operators and employees.

Defense Against Government Insurance Charges

Various accusations have included:

  • Phantom Billing
  • Used medical equipment billed as new, or unnecessary medical equipment.
  • Billing Medicare for unnecessary procedures or medical tests that are never performed.
  • Patient Billing

The provider pays a kickback to a medicare beneficiary for their medicare number, and the provider bills medicare for a utterly false reason, with the patient “complicit by his agreement”.

Upcoding and Unbundling

Upcoding and unbundling are very common types of healthcare fraud.

  • Upcoding occurs when healthcare providers increase the amount of the claimed reimbursement by using a recognized code indicating that a more expensive procedure was required.
  • Unbundling occurs through improper coding. Typically seen in clinical laboratory situations, groups of tests are so frequently ordered by doctors that these “panels” have been given separate billing codes at a set rate. To separate these individually, and submit them, results in a much higher reimbursement rate, and is prosecuted by the Texas and US government.

In addition to the above, the Law Office of Paul Schiffer is defending current favorite targets of the Medicare / Medicaid Fraud task force:

  • Partial hospitalizations program (PHP) Fraud
  • Ambulance transport to PHP locations

Build Your Defense For Medicare Fraud Charges Today

If my 40 years of experience as a former prosecutor and a veteran medicare fraud trial attorney has taught me anything, it is that the more I prepare, the greater the success. I do not believe that I have ever been out-prepared by another lawyer in the courtroom. As they say, the devil is in the details, and it is exhaustive investigation in these document intensive cases that makes the difference. I have that experience knowing what to look for and how to leverage it to get the best results.

If you are a licensed professional who has been charged with Medicaid or Medicare fraud, or are under investigation for fraud, contact me right away.

The federal prosecutors have potentially been building a case against you and your business for months. It is in your greatest interest to get an early start on your defense strategy to defend yourself against, and protect your rights against illegal evidence and other unconstitutional tactics that the federal prosecutors might engage in.

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If you or a love one has been accused of such a life altering crime, you must act now, and fast. Do not waste your precious hours trying to find the most affordable lawyer to save your life and reputation. If you have a serious accusation, you can’t afford to not have a serious and experienced Medicare and Medicaid crimes lawyer on your side. Call Houston Medicare and Medicaid fraud defense attorney Paul Schiffer right now at 713-521-0059 and you are assured to have a lawyer who will stop at nothing to defend your rights, freedom, and dignity.

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